Base of Groundwater Protection Query Tool
This online tool relays the base of groundwater protection information that was historically contained within ST55: Alberta’s Usable Groundwater Base of Groundwater Protection Information. The base of groundwater protection (BGWP) is the best estimate of the elevation of the base of the formation in which nonsaline groundwater occurs at that location. However, local variations in geology and topography are typical, so the actual elevation of the base of the designated formation can often vary from what is provided in the BGWP tool.

Select the value for each DLS component in the drop-down boxes to obtain the base of groundwater protection (BGWP) elevation and the designated protected geological unit for that location.
The BGWP elevation is relative to sea level and is not a depth below ground level.To convert this elevation to a depth below ground level or below kelly bushing (KB), subtract the BGWP elevation value from the ground level or KB elevation.
In any case where the BGWP elevation provided by the query calculates to a depth greater than 600 metres below ground level (mbgl), the BGWP can be defaulted to 600 mbgl. Notwithstanding the default, operators may choose to protect to the base of the designated formation if its base is deeper than 600 mbgl.

If nonsaline groundwater is encountered below 600 mbgl, the AER requests the information be forwarded to
Further information on the BGWP can be found at AER BGWP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and AER Bulletin 2007-10.
Base of Groundwater Protection Information
LSD: Section: Township: Range: Meridian: BGWP Elevation (m asl): Deepest Protected Geological Unit1:
* * * * *
1BGWP includes the Scollard as a member of the Paskapoo as per Irish (1970)

*- Required field
Base of Groundwater Protection (BGWP) elevations are available for all Dominion Land Survey locations in Alberta, at the legal subdivision (LSD) level, with exception of the mountainous region (disturbed belt) and the very northeast corner (see image) of Alberta. The BGWP within the mountainous region is set at 600 metres below ground level.
To view the Base of Groundwater Area map, click on the BGWP Map.

For system specific questions contact the AER Environment Group.
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